What is SEO ? why is it important ?

Seo stands for search engine optimization, this includes Onpage and off-page activities. On-page activities refers to the action and the activities carried out within the site where as off page activities related to activities taken on the other sites to enhance the presence of the website online.

An online user uses google and other search engines for any random query, consequently search engine produces the desired results in large no. of pages.

The studies say that 95% of the users do not go to the 2nd result page and only 5% of the user prefers to go the 2nd page. Therefore the competition to be on the 1st page is extremely high, moreover google and other search engines considering showing the best result on the top and on the 1st page only when certain norms are followed. SEO is one of the technic for Lead Generation.

Now the role of SEO comes into the picture, the advance seo techniques Bring your site at the top and on the 1st page without any ad on Google and other search engines. Since the right Seo techniques push our sites at the top and on the 1st page of the SERP it increases your visibility and grow your traffic to a large extent. Increase in traffic increases the DA of the site. Higher is the DA higher is the google ranking and hence higher position on the site in SERP.

Why do you need L4RG for SEO ?

L4RG dominates the Seo industry due to its advanced seo techniques and long years of experience to serve its clients with 100 % quality and timely delivery of project. Team of young and talented experts work and monitor your site dedicatedly to bring you the expected business result. We provide you weekly updates about the progress on a regular basis. Regular tracking of the business provide us the insight of the business which will further help us to take the business of the clients to the next level. L4rg assign dedicated domain manager so as to keep 100% focus on the site. Our services are cost effective.

Many a SEO company conveniently increases the relevant traffic on the site but the low conversion and high bounce rate is a big time issue. Here L4RG as a leading Digital Marketing agency comes into the picture, we are capable enough not only to increase the conversion and reduce the bounce rate through our CRO( conversion rate optimization) but can also increase the dwell time of the visitors on the websites . For all your SEO needs, feel free to connect L4RG. The bounce rate on the website largely depends on the Landing page. We as a leading agency has a team of developers capable enough to design an effective land page to increase the dwell time .