Privacy Policy

We at L4RG believe in protecting the privacy and personal information of our customers, which is why we conduct business in a secure manner. Because we value our clients' confidence so highly, we continue to maintain a different privacy policy. How your information is gathered and used by us is described in the following privacy statement.

Please take note that by giving us your information, you are presumed to accept the L4RG Privacy Policy.

Personal information includes

When you book a flight with us, any information that is made available, including your name, phone number, email address, postal address(es), credit and debit card information, social media account ID, passport number, and travel agency assigned traveller number, is referred to as personal information. You will be regarded to have the right to share the information and to allow us to use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy if you give us or our service providers personal information about a third party.

How we collect your personal information

There are numerous ways to gather personal data. Some of the methods by which we gather personal data are listed below.

  • When we offer our services, that is, when we process reservations and conduct other reservation-related tasks, we collect personal information.
  • For offline contact, we directly communicate with our customers to obtain their information so they can take advantage of our service.
  • To the extent allowed by law, from such additional sources such as public databases, collaborative marketing partners, social media platforms, and other suitable third parties.

How we use the data you provide us

To finish the reservation process you started on our website, we use sensitive billing information, including cardholder name, credit/debit card number, and expiration date. Additionally, personal information is used to provide you with the goods and services you've requested, to send you travel updates and confirmations, to administer your account so you can pay bills and receive notifications related to your travels, to communicate with you for business purposes, to ask for your support or interest in improving our goods, services, and website, to let you know about special deals, to tailor your travel itinerary, and to give you a reward for any programme you participate in.

In order to suit your travel demands, kindly notice that we would want to enhance the quality of our goods and services. So that we can better understand your travel requirements, we might occasionally send you emails with helpful information proposing particular goods or services that would be more appropriate for you. These emails can be turned off at any moment and are solely delivered to enhance the user experience.

With whom do we share your data?

Following parties receive your information from L4RG:

  • To book the vacation, use service providers like airlines and car rental companies. All services offered by an independent supplier are referred to as such across this website. By using this website to make a reservation, you grant us permission to share your information with additional vendors as needed to complete the reservation. These suppliers are not covered by our privacy policy, therefore any information exchanged with them will be governed by their individual privacy policies. As a result, we advise you to also review the provider's privacy policy or policies.
  • Other businesses or independent contractors that carry out certain tasks for us, like processing credit cards, marketing, providing customer support, preventing fraud, etc. We might also permit these service providers to gather data that is required for our website to function. These suppliers are not allowed to disclose or use this information for any other reason, though.
  • Various travel companies that offer access to travel-related merchandise through travel insurance providers and services, as well as other travel-related businesses that we collaborate with to provide a component of the Services. whenever it deems necessary, with associates.

We might also distribute your data.

  • When you comply with subpoenas, subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process, as required by law, to protect you legally and lessen the likelihood of legal claims being made against you. We reserve the right to raise or waive any legal objections or rights we may have in such circumstances.
  • When it is necessary in our opinion to do so in order to safeguard Traveler Hub's rights, property, or personal safety, in line with our policies, or in order to prevent, detect, or otherwise address illegal or potentially illegal behaviour.
  • In the event of a bankruptcy, merger, transfer, consolidation, or sale of assets.

Sensitive information

We never request sensitive personal information from you, such as your social security number, racial or ethnic background, favourable opinions, information about your religion or other beliefs, your health, biometric information or inherited traits, your criminal history, or your membership in a syndicate, on the Services or in any other way.

To Note

Please be aware that if you click on links leading to websites operated by other parties while using our website, you may be taken to that particular website. After then, if you want to choose data, you consent to the website's privacy statement. For clarification, it is advised that you additionally review the policy statements of these websites.

The privacy policy is subject to modification or change at any point in the future, according to Traveler Hub. Also keep in mind that the new policy will be regarded as being in effect as soon as it is submitted.