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Ravn Airlines

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Frequently Asked Question

Where does Ravn Airlines fly to?

Ravn Airlines' schedule covers routes from multiple well-known cities. Use the L4RG search engine to check the connections' availability.

When can you purchase the cheapest flights tickets?

It is preferable to buy Ravn Airlines flight tickets well in advance.

What airlines operate similar routes?

The cities which run Ravn Airlines flights also run other airlines, and you can find them in the L4RG search engine.

Can I book a hotel together with a Ravn Airlines flight?

Book a hotel with your flight by purchasing a Travel+Hotel package through the L4RG search engine. It will make your trip comfortable and save money on travel expenses thanks to the package deals.

Ravn Airlines

Ravn Alaska, formerly known as Era Alaska and Ravn Connect, is a regional airline based in Anchorage, Alaska. The airline operates an extensive network of scheduled passenger flights, cargo services, and charter flights throughout Alaska, as well as to select destinations in the Lower 48 and Canada. Ravn Alaska's fleet comprises over 70 aircraft, including single and twin-engine turboprops and Cessna Caravans. The airline's aircraft are specially equipped to handle Alaska's challenging weather and terrain, and many are fitted with skis for landing on snow and ice. Ravn Alaska is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable air travel to the people and communities of Alaska. The airline is proud to support local businesses and organizations and has a strong track record of giving back to the communities it serves. Book your cheap Ravn Airlines Flight Ticket with and get the best deals on Ravn Airlines.

Hand Baggage Policy of Ravn Airlines

Ravn Alaska has a clear and comprehensive hand baggage policy to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. Passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger and cannot exceed 45 linear inches (length + width + height) or 25 pounds. The personal item must fit under the seat in front of the passenger and cannot exceed 36 linear inches or 10 pounds. This policy ensures that the overhead bins are not overcrowded and that passengers have ample space to store their belongings during the flight.

Checked Baggage Policy

In addition to its hand baggage policy, Ravn Alaska also has a clear and concise checked baggage policy. The airline allows passengers to check one bag weighing up to 50 pounds and measuring up to 62 linear inches on most routes. Passengers may also be able to bring additional bags or overweight/oversized bags for an additional fee, depending on their fare type and itinerary. Ravn Alaska's checked baggage policy ensures passengers can bring the necessary items for their trip without incurring additional fees or hassle. Passengers are encouraged to check the specific baggage policies for their itinerary before flying to ensure they comply with Ravn Alaska's requirements. Overall, Ravn Alaska's baggage policies are designed to provide flexibility and convenience for travelers while ensuring all passengers' safety and comfort.

Ravn Airlines Online Check-in

Ravn Alaska offers its passengers the convenience of online check-in. Passengers can check-in for their flight 24 to 1 hour before departure. Online check-in is available for all Ravn Alaska flights except those to/from Aniak, Barrow, Bethel, and Deadhorse. Passengers can complete their check-in process by visiting the airline's website and selecting the "Check-In" tab. They must enter their booking information and follow the prompts to complete their check-in. Once they have checked in, passengers can print their boarding pass or save it on their mobile devices to present at the airport. Online check-in allows passengers to save time and avoid long lines at the airport, making their travel experience more convenient and stress-free.

Fleet Size of Ravn Airlines

Ravn Alaska's fleet consists of 16 aircraft. The airline operates a diverse fleet of aircraft to serve different routes and destinations. Its fleet includes the De Havilland Canada DHC-8-100, also known as the Dash 8-100, a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that can seat up to 37 passengers. It is used mainly for short-haul flights within Alaska. The airline also operates the Dash 8-300, a larger version of the Dash 8-100, with a seating capacity of up to 50 passengers. The Dash 8-300 is used on both short and medium-haul routes. Ravn Alaska's fleet also includes the Cessna Caravan, a single-engine turboprop aircraft used for regional flights to remote destinations in Alaska. In addition, the airline operates the Beechcraft 1900, a 19-seat aircraft used for cargo and charter flights. Overall, Ravn Alaska's diverse fleet allows it to serve a wide range of destinations and provide passengers with a comfortable and reliable flying experience.

Additional Information

In addition to its standard baggage policy, Ravn Alaska offers additional services for passengers who need to transport special items such as sports equipment, musical instruments, or pets. Passengers who wish to bring such items should contact Ravn Alaska's customer service in advance to make arrangements and ensure that the items comply with the airline's regulations. Ravn Alaska also offers a frequent flyer program called FlyAway Rewards, which allows passengers to earn miles and redeem them for free flights, upgrades, and other rewards. Additionally, Ravn Alaska partners with other airlines to offer connecting flights to other destinations in Alaska and beyond, making it easier for passengers to travel to their final destinations. Overall, Ravn Alaska is committed to providing passengers with a safe, reliable, and convenient flying experience and offers various services to meet the needs of different travelers. Book your Cheap Ravn Airlines Flight Tickets with now and get the best deals on flight tickets.